In the universe, one thing is constant and that is Change/ Movement. The whole galaxy is Rotating/Moving.

Ever since the evolution of mankind, the movement is constant. The modes of transport have changed and evolved as per the need of the time. Since the invention of motor engines, motor vehicles have been a key factor in movement/ Transportation, and hence the development.

To fast pace the development, there has been an over-dependent on Petroleum products for transportation.

This over-dependent has also caused massive damage to Mother Earth.

We, at VERB, call upon all citizens of the world to save the planet for our future generations, against-

Pollution, caused by motor vehicles >Which causes lots of health hazards, global warming leading to weather changes and affect life on the planet in the long run.

Petroleum over dependences > Tremendous stress on scarce natural resources will lead to over-extraction and depletion of Petroleum products.

Price inflation > the prices of petroleum products are increasing day by day, due to the economics of demand and supply, short supply will lead to higher prices and will affect the financials of one and all.

The time has come to look for and promote and encourage alternative sources of transportation.

Walking is the healthiest and safest mode but, to commute a long distance in a short time a transport vehicle is needed.

It has been surveyed that 80% of commutation is less than 20 km a day, VERB is filling this gap and offering a range of Electric Cycles and Scooters which run a distance, of 50-100 km in one charge at a speed of 25 to 50 kmph.

Verb stands for International design, High Technology, and Quality.

About Us

Pimit Group was founded in 2001 by Ramesh Gaur, a St Stephens’ College Delhi University Alumni, who has professional experience in working in BPL and Videocon. Pimit was founded with a strong technical base, to provide the latest technological evolutions to the Indian market.

The parent company PIMIT INFOTECH CORPORATION (PIMIT) is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of various Electronic Products. They introduced a range of affordable laptops and Desktop PCs in 2001, Flat-screen TVs from Plasma TVs in Dec 2003 to LCD TV in 2008, and LED TVs since 2010.

Pimit has set up a most modern LED TV assembly unit and is selling LED TVs to various well-known brands and also as an OEM supplier. Pimit was the first company to Introduce Flat-screen TVs in India.

Hometech Electronics Pvt Ltd is another flagship company that has developed,, World’ First Click to brick, E-com platform offering, “Search - Online, Buy - Off-Line”, facility for all Technology products.

Verb Electric is set up to provide a range of Electric Vehicles at the most affordable prices. VERB is known for its quality and made in India commitment and is a strong believer in Vocal for Local. Not just a Slogan, VERB has developed the largest range of E-Cycles and E-Scooters in India offering a range of 8 models. The products have been tested and approved by Govt of India Test Labs. The company is also working on E-bikes of higher speeds and E-cars. The quality and cost are most optimized by using local components to ensure entire sales services for many years to come. VERB is planning to set up a most modern Research and Development facility near Delhi to develop the most modern E-Vehicles in India for the Domestic and International market, with strong backward integration.

VERB is committed to protecting our mother earth for future generations by keeping it Green and Pollution-free and also making the living of people Healthier and Happier.