A : VERB ELECTRIC is a part of Pimit group, founded in 2001. For more details, please go through “About Us”.

A : PIMIT GROUP was founded in 2001. VERB brand was registered as trademark in 2021.

A : No. VERB is not a Chinese brand. It is an India Brand with strong belief in made in India.
The technical knowhow is collaborated with Korean Companies
Manufacturing, Research and Development is based in India.

A : No. only few parts are imported, and more than 70% parts are made in India.

A : a. Government of India has set up quality and performance standards and the products will be conforming to Govt performance standards. E cycle is undergoing test at Govt labs and will be approved soon and test certificate will be displayed on the website
b. Pimit as a group is ISO 9000 company.
c. The efforts by the company are to give products as per best international Standards.

A : You can reach us via the customer support
a) Helpline number 1860-120-1245, and/or
b) By email or contact on the website.

A : You can book at the nearest dealer location, or you can log into “Verbelectric.com” and select the product you wish to book. Selected Verb are products are available for booking by paying a small amount of Rs 1000, online.

A : Yes, you can cancel your booking at any point in time before you make the full and final payment for the Cycle.

A : We are starting first with NCR and north India and gradually expand to all across India
Please refer to dealer locator in the website.

A : There is no corporate tie up with any bank till now, but our dealers can help you provide easy consumer Finance options, please visit your nearby dealers.

A : Yes, you can. You can do so before making the full and final payment.

A : Please refer to Warranty Policy given on the website.

A : VERB E Cycle comes with state of the art Lithium ion battery with superior performance. The range of the vehicle with a fully charged battery under IDC (Indian Driving cycle) conditions is 55-60* kms for more info refer to the specifications.

A : The subsidy on E-cycle is as per the state Government policy. The benefits of subsidy will sent directly to buyers account, the dealer will help prepare the necessary documents.

A : Yes, you can plug the battery with the charger into any 5 amp socket, which is commonly available anywhere in India, be it at home or office.

A : It may take you 3-4 hours to fully charge a discharged battery.

A : The Cycle battery will consume max 1/4th of a unit of electricity. Considering the Av unit is Rsin India the cost of fully charging a battery is Rs 2.0 which is 4 paise per km.

A : There are five riding modes - PAS (Pedal-assist mode), Throttle mode, low medium and high speed mode and mechanical pedal mode.

A : Yes, the battery is removable with a quick release system so that you charge or replace it easily.

A : There is no service required for electrical components. The mechanical components can be maintained much like an average bicycle.pl refer to the manual given with the cycle or warranty terms given on the website.

A : Yes, The dealer will suggest a best EMI option to suit your requirement.

A : The battery contains high quality lithium ion cells which will give best result till 600 charging cycles.

A : We offer UPI, Cash, Net banking & Bank payments. Cash on delivery is available only for specific locations.

A : Delivery charges will depend upon the location. Please Enter Your Full Address. Average delivery charges are Rs. 1000 rupees per Cycle.

A : We offer bicycle Side stand, reflectors, Chain Cover, gears protector, mudguards and Carrier (optional depending upon the model.

A : The service will be provided by the dealers who sells the product. We are always willing to help in case of any unresolved issue.

A : You can book the order online, please go to book now tab available at product details and outside, please fill in the details and place your order.

A : Electric cycles are best and healthiest transport mode for all sections of society. Bikes break down barriers of riding. E-cycles are also eco-friendly, ensure less physical exertion than regular cycles and help you save money on fuel and maintenance.

A : In terms of technology both are similar. Electric scooter are non-geared two-wheelers that work like a regular scooter on battery. The components and other electrical parts are all covered that give the rider a maximum speed of 25 kmph or more. However, e-cycles ride at a maximum speed upto 25km/hr. One also does not need any license or any form of registration to ride an e-cycle.

A : You may find that adding an e-cycle to your lineup of bikes can help increase the efficiency and speed of your day-to-day activities. E -cycles give you the option of cycling in the traditional form or using a motor. Thus, it lessens the physical exertion and saves time especially if you are using it to commute daily, for work or to run errands. They are also built stronger with more load bearing capacity than regular cycles.

A : No registration is required under the motor vehicle act.

A : Our e-Bicycle is maintenance Free. Regular checks up are recommended for mechanical parts and fittings. Pl refer the manual

A : Yes, our e-Bicycles come with a manual, which gives you all information related to the vehicle use, ride, safety, service & warranty.

A : Our spare parts will be available at our dealers and in showrooms.

A : No, but for your safety, we strictly recommend that you wear one when you ride.

A : Yes, it is legal for minors to ride however caution should be exercised as the cycle is powered with a battery and can reach a speed of up to 25kms/hr.

A : Yes, and it is easy to switch back and forth. For example, you can use power when you are going up hill and without power while coming down hill.

A : There is a power switch located on the side of the battery that serves as the on/off switch for the whole system.

A : It depends on your riding preference. Some people like throttle because it allows them to ride along with or without pedaling. Pedal assist adds assist as soon as you start pedaling and people who are used to riding conventional bikes tend to prefer this system. If you use pedal assist your battery will last longer.

A : While it does not cause any damage to the vehicle, it does drain the battery and the cycle might accelerate if somebody accidentally touches the throttle.

A : Yes, you can ride your e-cycle in the monsoon. You have to take some precautions like you should not ride in deep water. Be careful while applying breaks as the road will be slippery. After riding, the e-cycle should be parked in a dry place or under a covered place. After the ride, make sure the e-Bicycle and components are kept dry.

A : You can charge our e-cycle with 5 amps electrical wall socket.

A : Yes, batteries can be charged offline too, at your office desk for our models – CREATION These batteries can be charged anywhere – office/home/public spaces. Ice however comes with a fixed battery.

A : No, it does not charge during pedaling. Pedaling is used normally to climb uphill and to increase mileage.

A : Well, it depends upon your travel plan and state of charge. Otherwise, it is recommended to charge the battery full once in a month if not in use.

A : Yes, the battery is locked to the bike and a key should be used to remove it.

A : Not required. The battery of e-cycles is just like mobile phone batteries. It is in fact, best to charges if you are left with less than 20% of battery. Also pertinent to note if you are always on move than it is better keep the cycle battery fully charged without worry for how much charge is left.

A : E-cycles can be kept in Idle for about a month. Please charge the battery full before leaving it idle. Recharge the battery again before resuming the drive.

A : In Creation models Yes you can remove the battery and carry it to your house or office to charge. In case of other models the battery cannot be removed

A : Battery replacement keys are available at our local dealer / showrooms.

A : Creation 26”:
Net Weight -27 Kg
Capacity - = 110 Kg

Creation 27.5”:
Net Weight -30 Kg
Capacity - = 120 Kg

A : Yes, you can wash your e-cycle with water but do not put high water pressure on it.

A : No, you cannot do this kind of modification.

A : Yes, the tires used in these e-cycles are similar to conventional cycles and can be changed in a conventional way.

A : Pedal assist, is a mode on your e-cycle where you can take help of the motor’s power while pedaling physically. This ensures you get more speed but the physical exertion is less.

A : Yes. The pedal assist mode and full throttle mode ensures ease of riding on any inclined path be it flyovers or uphill roads.

A : No, there is no chance of electric shock while using the product.


A : VERB ELECTRIC is part of Pimit group, founded in 2001, Please see about us


A : No. VERB is not a Chinese brand. It is an India Brand with a strong belief in being made in India.
The technical know-how collaborates with Korean, Taiwan, and China companies.
Research and Development are based in India.

A : No! Only a few parts are imported but more than 70% of parts are made in India.

A : Electric scooters are reasonably safe, or at least as safe as the rider tries to be.

As long as you follow these important safety tips, you will be perfectly safe:

*always wear a helmet
*respect your local traffic laws
*wear all the safety gear you have
*don’t drink or do drugs before riding
*never ride too fast
*turn carefully
*check that your tires are sufficiently inflated and in good shape
*make sure all your brake systems work
*make sure you have enough battery to get where you need to go
*stay focused on your ride
*avoid riding in the rain, snow, or wet weather
*avoid ice or slippery surfaces
*avoid pedestrian areas
*avoid heavy traffic
*ride as the manual instructs
*only ride by yourself
*always use your lights at night

A : Electric scooters are very easy to ride. Learning how to ride them only takes a few minutes.

A : Every electric scooter will have the following components:

*throttle button or lever
When you hit the throttle, the motor draws power from the battery and starts turning the wheels.

A : Using an electric scooter is very simple:

*make sure you have all the safety equipment on you
*make sure your scooter has sufficient battery charge
*turn on the scooter, start in the slowest mode available
*put one foot on the deck, and use the other foot to kick-start the scooter if needed
*press the throttle button as you kick to start moving
*keep pressing the throttle if you want to speed up further
*lean forward if you want to speed up, or when climbing
*steer by turning the handlebar and slightly leaning your body to the side
*hit the brakes if you want to stop

A : Electric scooters produced in the last 5 years will be very reliable. Electric scooter technology has advanced very fast, and both quality, motor power, and battery capacity have increased many times over. Most modern models will have great ranges and last for years.

A : The most commonly reported defects and problems in electric scooters are problems related to the electronics of the scooter, including the wirings, the motor, and the controllers, and they are the most common reas for dead-on-arrival situations as well. Also, battery issues are very common as well, ranging from the battery delivering much less than the promised performance, to the battery not working at all.

A : Electric scooters are excellent for commuting. They are fast, efficient, and great for avoiding traffic jams. They will be perfect for any commute up to 8 miles / 13 kilometers, as they have ranges many times that distance.

Compared to other means of transport, they will usually be the better option, especially in big cities.

A : Electric scooters are the best possible solution for the last-mile problem today. Their portability, low weight, and low space occupancy make them perfect for being both ridden through busy urban environments, and taken along in public transport systems like trains, buses.

A : Electric scooters are very good for the environment. They don’t cause greenhouse gas emissions, and they also help reduce traffic jams. Much of their building material, including their batteries, can be recycled and reused.

A : Electric scooters can easily be ridden at night. They come with both headlights and taillights, and even additional lights on the bottom of the deck. Wear a fluorescent vest when riding at night, so that other participants in traffic can spot you even easier.

A : For most people, electric scooters are definitely worth it. They will be both a great investment and a source of fun. Typically, electric scooters pay themselves off in the very first year, by cutting down public transport costs almost entirely.

A : Electric scooters save their owners a lot of money. The public transport costs get either entirely eliminated, or drastically cut down. Charging them costs only a few cents per full charge. They don’t require additional expenses, and rarely break down or need expensive maintenance. Most electric scooters pay themselves off in the first year of ownership.

A : You should never let your electric scooter’s battery get completely empty. Plugging in your charger when your battery is at 30% is ideal. If you use your scooter daily, charge it every day.

A : Renting an electric scooter makes more sense when you travel, or want to test out a specific model. For any other use case, owning an electric scooter is both more cost-efficient and more convenient. Your own scooter will always be safer and in better shape than a rented one.

A : The following are very good reasons and scenarios for getting an electric scooter:

*you want to save money
*you want to save time
*you don’t like being stuck in traffic
*you want to save energy
*you want a very fun hobby
*you need a convenient transport mode
*you care about the environment