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  • The last mile connectivity is the biggest issue for e-com platforms like Zomato Swingy, Groffers, Jio, etc. It is left to the decisions and discretion of the rider to arrange a vehicle. In summer the rider sweats it out under the sun, during monsoon they are suffering rains and in winter they face harsh cold.  The rider has two options either use a Cycle or Motor cycle/electric Scooter good option with good ev. 

  • Cycle riders face physical exertion and discomfort under extreme weather conditions, as seen in the news article whereas motorcycle/scooter riders have to shell out daily huge amounts of petrol consumption. The Platform only offers meager pay and allowances.

  • The verb comes to the rescue of all these riders by offering E-cycle and E scooters. All the vehicles are all weather good ev vehicles as they conform to IP67 and can travel in water-filled roads too.

  • Verb E cycle gives 50 -55 km on a single charge @ 25 KMPH. VERB is the best to cycle in the Indian market so strongly recommended.

  • So using Verb E-cycle the riders can save their energies and be more productive by doing more rounds and earning more by giving better services. Verb calls upon E-com Service providers and platforms to offer these E-cycles to get better productivity from riders and hence better customer satisfaction.